चित्रं वटतरोर्मूले वृद्धाः शिष्याः गुरुर्युवा
गुरोस्तु मौनं व्याख्यानं शिष्यास्तु छिन्न संशयः||

Jignasa is a pan India movement initiated by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad to provide a common platform to address all aspects related to AYUSH systems - Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homeopathy.

As you all know, JIGNASA 2020 - National Arogya Fair and Internationl Conference was rescheduled to 10 - 14 June, 2020 due to the threat of COVID - 19 across India as well as all over the world. Current scenario of the spread of COVID 19 in India and especially in the cities is increasing day by day. Due to this, it has not been possible to communicate with various Government departments regarding the conference as most of the departments are involved in the management of Covid 19. For the safety of people, government has banned public gatherings and events which gather huge crowd that could spread the infection. In view of public interest, Government of India has decided to postpone the event and the rescheduled dates will be announced as soon as the Government gives the permission to conduct the event. Jignasa 2020 is expected to be conducted soon and we want to assure all the delegates that their registration along with their participation in various competitions for JIGNASA 2020 International Conference, the Sponsorships/ Co-sponsorships/ Exhibition/ Stall bookings will be valid.
In the interest of our beloved nation and health of our people, we once again apologize for the inconvenience caused and expect continued co-operation and whole hearted support for the rescheduled JIGNASA 2020 International Conference and National Arogya Fair.
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Jignasa Initiatives - Dhanvanatari

Jignasa - initiatives

In last two decades, our efforts to strengthen AYUSH education system and boost confidence among AYUSH students ; Jignasa initiated various programmes in different parts of the country from the grassroots to international platforms through discussions, study circles, seminars, workshops and conferences.

Few initiatives undertaken by Jignasa:

  • Study circles
  • Lecture series on particular topics
  • Free medical camps
  • Social health status survey
  • Hands on training workshops
  • Conferences to explore and learn unique aspects of Ayurveda
  • Interaction with eminent vaidyas and academicians
  • Brain storming sessions with AYUSH stalwarts, policy makers and key stake holders of AYUSH systems
  • National Arogya Expo and International conference
  • National level seminars
  • Dravyaguna visits
  • Pharmaceutical visits
  • Agitations for the demands of AYUSH student community
  • Private internship programme for interested students to learn with Acharyas
  • Interaction with traditional healers and visits to explore regional flora
  • Online Mock Test for AIAPGET aspirants
  • Social awareness campaigns on various issues
  • Campaigns for the promotion of various concepts of AYUSH systems for social welfare. Eg. Swarna Bindu Prashan Camps , Group Surya Namskar & Yoga Competitions, etc.
  • Free healthcare assistance to people through local governing bodies during natural calamities and accidents with the mission; #AYUSHDoctorsforSociety
  • and more!

Office Bearers

Advisory Committee

  • Padmashri Vd. P.R. Krishna Kumar ji
  • Padmashri Dr H.R. Nagendra Ji
  • Vd. Shriram Savarikar
  • Vd. Jayantrao Deopujari
  • Vd. J. Radhakrishnan
  • Vd. Umesh Tagade
  • Shri Praful Ji Akant
  • Shri Nagraj Reddy ji

Jignasa National Convener

  • Shri. Vineeth Mohan

Jignasa National Joint Conveners

  • Vd. Mihir Wachasundar
  • Vd. Adarsh C Ravi

Jignasa Central Commitee

  • Vd. Allama Prabhu
  • Vd. Vinod Kumar TG
  • Vd. Kishore Kumar
  • Vd. Ghanashyam Vatsa
  • Vd. Kailas Sonmankar
  • Vd. Mohan GVK
  • Vd. Umesh C
  • Vd. Ganesh Patil
  • Anirudh C R
  • Shri.Athul Prithvi
  • Vd. Nurpur Biswas
  • Vd. Akshay Lonkar
  • Vd. Srinidhi Sabnis
  • Vd. Sooraj Mohan R
  • Vd. Rahul Gawali
  • Vd. Sarvesh Sharma
  • Vd. Rutuja Jadhav
  • Vd. Saurabh Bhishm
  • Shri Vinay Sahu
  • Vd. Vishnuvardhan Reddy
  • Dr. Swpanali Bavare
  • Shri. Rohith K R
  • Vd. Deep Prakash
  • Shri. Rahul Aari
  • Shri Abhishek Dubey
  • Shri Janardan C
  • Veerana Gouda
  • Shri Vaibhav Shinde
  • Kum. Alekhya
  • Vd. Dilip Upadhyay
  • Vd. Jayant Nagar
  • Vd. Mrityunjay Dwiwedi

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Vision, Mission and Action

The philosophy, concepts & practical utility of AYUSH systems in Bharatha stands unchallenged even today despite the great advancements by leaps & bounds in medical sciences & technology.

Unfortunately, the philosophy and concepts, studied and practiced since time immemorial is still under utilized or not properly recognized particularly in the realms of Public health and Primary health care in Bharata. The immortal philosophy , time tested concepts and unchallenged principles of Ayurveda and other Bharatheeya sastras are relevant and can be practiced in any part of the world as they are governed by universal principles in tune with Nature, utilizing locally specific resources. Hence the theory and practice of particularly Ayurveda and Yoga have great role to play in achieving Sustainable Development Goals ( SDG) through Universal Health Coverage. It is in this context, when the whole world is suffering from innumerable life style diseases and mental problems, AYUSH systems particularly Ayurveda and Yoga can help and need to be practiced in every nation in the world as they are holistic.

Following the philosophy of "lokah samastha sukhino bhavantu" , Jignasa thrives to inculcate unrelentedly the deep rooted wisdom of Bharatheeya Sastras and its practice to every medical student in Bharatha and abroad. Through authentic learning and practice, Jignasa aims to instill conviction, confidence and practical skills in every budding medical student and practitioner. The immortal Bharatheeya sastras particularly Ayurveda are relevant even today, to address the health and climate challenges facing Nature and its inhabitants as a whole in today's turbulent world.

For the realisation of 'Ayushman Bharath' the mantra for Public health is 'स्वास्थ्यस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणम्, व्याधितस्य परिमोक्षणम् |' Sincere efforts are required from the AYUSH community to achieve Universal health coverage for a healthy world.

Aacharya Charaka has said,
" शास्त्रं ज्योति: प्रकाशार्थं दर्शनं बुद्धिः आत्मनः |
ताभ्यां भिषक् सुः युक्ताभ्यां चिकित्सान न अपराध्यति ||"


Our Mission:

  • Jignasa - ' Learn AYUSH to Practice AYUSH'


Our Vision:

  • Empowering AYUSH students from campus to community
  • Becoming a bridge between AYUSH students and policy makers as well as administrative authorities
  • Connecting every aspect of AYUSH including students, academicians, practitioners scientists, industries and hospitals under one umbrella
  • Think globally act locally

An initiative of students, karyakartas of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad


Yuva Shakti, No.55, 1st Main Road, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru - 560020

Tarunya ShikshaNa Seva Trust, 2020